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How to Illustrate a Kids book for Kids!

Have a story.

A. You can either write your own story or use a friends or family members (with permission)

2. Imagine what your characters will look like.

B. the Lady walked across the street. * Imagine a lady walking across the street.

How tall is she? What kind of clothes is she wearing? How does her hair look? Is she happy or in a rush? Take clues from your story to fill your character and help tell the story without words.

3. Imagine where they will be as you read your story

C. The lady walked across the street.Is it day or night? Is it a busy street with lots of cars? How is the weather, is it raining or sunny? Is she in the country or in the city?

4. Sketch out how you want each page to look.

D. this does not have to be perfect. Use a pencil so you can erase any mistakes or changes.

Place your characters where you want them to be in the scene.

The Lady walked across the street.Where you place your character tells everyone reading the story which direction they are going.What action they are doing and how they are doing that action.

5. Make any changes to make sure everything that you want to show is on the page

The lady walked across the street. You decide she is walking her dog in the story! Add the doggie.You decide she is wearing a long dress instead of pants today. Make sure the drawings are helping to tell your story and not confusing.

Example: If the lady is walking her Dog, make sure she has her dog with her the whole story (unless the story is she lost him)

6. Start outlining and coloring!

F. Be as neat as you can be! This is your finishing Illustration And to CLEARLY draw everything you want to show in the illustration. You can double check your work by asking someone who does not know the story to tell you what they see.

Example: Hi Mom, would you please tell me what you see in my picture? Mom says, I see a lady in a hat and dress walking across the street with her Fish. !? Oh no! It’s supposed to be a Dog! Ask them what they think would make it look more like a doggie and less like a fish.

7. Add any final details.

G. Add any details like the lady’s necklace, a crack on the street, a bird on the fence or a sign maybe in a store window or a street sign.

8. You’re done! You have now illustrated your first book! Way to go! Great job! Now it’s off to the printers to make lots of copies to share with friends and family!


If you want to encourage your child to draw ideas from stories they read as practice Ive found these few simple tools help with getting them motivated and keeping them organized!

1. A small book mock-up

Whenever I have a school/ classroom presentation I love giving these paper stapled blank books for the children to draw in and keep. I ordered the 10 pack for 12.99 and the kids can use markers, crayons or even paint in them!

If your little artist is ready to the next step upgrade them to the hardcover blank booklet and watch their imagination go wild! Amazon has these beautiful hard cover blank books for about $5!

Hope this helps a little. Let me know what you think! Be sure to share any little artists progress on my @artistjazz on Instagram! Id love to share!

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